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Can Dogs Eat Eggs?

Human food is not always saved for dogs. The frequent question I am receiving these days is can dogs eat eggs? The perfect answer to this question is yes; dogs can eat eggs. The eggs are not only safe for the dogs but also provide several nutrients to the dog. The eggs can give several health benefits to dogs. 

Nutritional value of eggs

The eggs are very rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals. By adding it to the diet, you will count several health benefits in your diet. The one large egg contains 78 calories. Other essential nutrients in one egg are as follows:

Nutrients Value in grams %age daily value
Total fat5 grams7%
Cholesterol 186.5 mg 62%
Sodium 62 mg 2%
Potassium 63 mg 1%
Dietary fibers 0 grams 0%
Sugar 0.6 grams 
Proteins 6 grams 12 %
Vitamin C0%
Calcium 2%
Iron 3%
Magnesium 1%
Vitamin D 10%
Cobalamin 10%
Vitamin B-12

These nutrients are vital for the maintenance of good health.

Are Eggs Safe For The Dog?

For sure, the eggs are perfectly safe for dogs. The eggs came from the chicken, so eggs are as safe and healthy for the dog as the chicken. 

The eggs can provide several health benefits to the dog because it contains the treasure of nutrients. It is specifically a good source of protein for humans and dogs too. So, you should add the egg to your dog’s diet after consulting the vet. Because in some medical conditions, the egg should not be given to the dogs. 

Benefits of Eggs to Dogs

As we have already listed the nutrients present in the egg, these nutrients are vital for the dog’s good health. the nutritional benefits provided to the dog by eating eggs are as follows:


 The eggs are a rich source of proteins. These proteins are essential for muscular strength and provide a shine to the dogs’ skin. So, by adding eggs, you can give muscular strength and a shiny coat to the dog.


Many essential vitamins such as vitamin A, riboflavin, vitamin B-12, vitamin B-6 and vitamin D are present in the egg. These vitamins play a vital role in the regulation of the healthy physiology of the dog.

Potassium and Sodium 

Potassium is present in the egg; this potassium is essential for the nerves. The potassium and sodium ions are necessary for the movement of nerve impulses in the body. So, by adding eggs to your dog’s diet, you are making your dog quicker and more active.

Warnings About Eggs to Dogs 

There are some health issues, which can be caused to dogs by eating eggs as follows:

The Enzyme Inhibitor

Most people ask that there be any problem in the dog’s digestive system by eating eggs. YES, the egg white contains the enzyme inhibitor; this will cause a problem in digestion. But this will usually happen when the eggs are eaten too much. If you are giving the food to the dog in a balanced way, this problem will not occur. 


Your dog may have an allergy to eggs. Or it might be possible that your dog is suffering from such a medical problem in which the egg is not suitable for the dog. So, please consult the vet before giving the egg to the dog. It will clear all the doubts related to the effects of eggs on the dog.

Can Dogs Eat Eggshells?

The dogs can eat eggshells. The eggshell also contains several beneficial nutrients such as Glucosamine, Hyaluronic acid, Chondroitin and Collagen. These are very important for the dog. You can give the whole egg to the dog, but this can cause the risk of damage to the food pipe of the dog. You can grind the eggshell and make a powder of it. Then you can give it to the dog by mixing in the food if the dog or combining in the chicken broth or other dog food. 

Serving Tips of Eggs to Dogs 

The best way to serve eggs to the dog is to boil the egg hard, cut the egg into pieces, and serve it. 


How do I cook eggs for my dog?

You can boil the egg and cut into pieces and serve it to the dog. You can also put some water in the pan and add the whisked egg to coagulate the egg proteins. And then you can serve it to the dog. 

How much egg can a dog eat?

An average-sized dog can eat one single egg in a day. But the limit should not be exceeded because it can create a digestive upset in the dog.

Is the cholesterol in eggs rotten for dogs?

The cholesterol level in the egg is indeed high. But it will not cause any problem to the dog if given in a balanced way. But if you give the egg to the dog too much, it can cause health problems to the dog.

Are eggshells nutritious for dogs? 

Yes, the eggshell is nutritious for the dog. It contains Glucosamine, Hyaluronic acid, Chondroitin and Collagen, which plays a vital role in the excellent health of the dog. 


The eggs are perfect for the health of the dog. These are not only safe but also provide many benefits to the dog. You should add the eggs to the dog’s diet, but don’t give too much egg to the dog; it can cause the dog’s digestive upset. 

And it will be best if you consult the vet before giving the egg to the dog. Because in some medical cases, the eggs are not suitable for the health of the dog. And it is also possible that the dog has an allergy to the egg. By talking to the vet, you will be satisfied with effects of eggs on the dog and how much egg is suitable for your dog.