Can Dogs Eat Veggie Straws?

The veggie straw is not toxic to dogs. But it is not healthy for the dog’s health. So, if a dog owner questions that can dogs eat veggie straws? The answer is No. you should avoid giving the veggie straws to the dog. You can share the veggie straws with your dog once in a blue moon as a treat. 

Before moving to the effects of veggie straws on dogs, we should know something about the veggie straws and nutritional value of the veggie straw. 

What are the veggie straws?

The veggie straws are in a long tube form that is crispy. From the name, it comes to mind that These veggie straws are made with veggies. But actually, the more significant part of the veggie straw’s composition is the corn starch and potato. The veggie straws are made at the industrial level, and these are used as a snack widely. Many people pick the veggie straws as a quick snack while watching movies and spending their holiday at home. There are many flavors of veggie straws available in the market.

Ingredients of veggie straws 

Ingredients used in the formation of veggie straws are as follows:

  • Potato starch 
  • Corn starch
  • Flour 
  • Spinach powder
  • Artificial colors
  • Salt 
  • Seasonings according to the flavor

Nutritional value of veggie straws

The veggies straws are made with veggies, but the vegetables undergo industrial processing. Due to this process, the veggies lose their nutritional value. And the calories content in the veggie straw is also very high. Because these are deep-fried snacks, there are about 465 calories in 100 grams of veggie straws. Other nutrients present in the veggie straws are as follows:

Nutrients Value in grams %age daily value
Total fat 25.1 grams 39%
Sodium 894.7 mg 37%
Total carbohydrates  57.3 grams 19%
Protein 1.8 grams 
Vitamin A 0%
Vitamin C7.2%
Calcium 0%
Iron 7.2%

Is veggie straw safe for dogs?

The veggies straw is not toxic to dogs. But still, it is very unhealthy for the dog to eat. Because the salt content and fat content in the veggie straws is so high. And these high contents of salt and veggies can cause severe problems to the dog’s health. But you can give a small piece of veggie straw to the dog once in a blue moon. But don’t give it to the dog daily. Because it can make you sick.

Why the veggies straws are bad for the dogs 

The veggie straws are not toxic, but the vets and other experts still say that veggies straws should not be given to the dogs. The question arises in mind that if the veggie straws are non-toxic to dogs, why should the vets and experts advise you to avoid giving the veggie straws to the dog. The advice of not giving veggie straws to your dog is due to the high content of fats and salt in the veggie straws. 

When we look at the nutrients list mentioned above, we can see very few essential nutrients in the veggie straws. 

Health issues caused due to the veggie straws in dog

The veggie straws are not nutritionally rich. It is thought from the name that the veggie straw is made up of vegetables and should be healthy and rich in essential nutrients. 

But in contrary to it, the veggies straw does not have essential nutrients that can provide quality health benefits to the dog. Because potato and other ingredients used in the formation of the veggie straws are highly processed. And when the things undergo the industrial processing, it loses 90% of their nutrients. 

After passing through all the industrial processes, these veggie straws become able to make a dog sick and cause health issues in the dog as follows:

Weight gain 

The veggie straws are cooked by a deep-frying process. Due to this deep-frying, the straws absorb a lot of oil. This makes the veggies straws high in fat content. The high-fat content in this snack is hazardous for the dog. 

If your dog is eating the snack daily, it can make your dog fat, as it causes weight gain in the dog. And if your dog will get obese, your dog will feel lazy and get tired soon. 


Pancreatitis is also a disease that is caused due to the intake of high content of fat.  So, if your dog eats the veggie straws too much, there are possibilities that your dog could suffer from pancreatitis.

Heart disease

The high-fat content in the veggie straws makes your dog obese. And the dog gains weight and get obese, which automatically leads to heart disease. Because of obesity, the dog’s physical activity will be decreased, and the fat content in the body will become high. And the fat started depositing in the blood vessels of the dog.

Kidney problems

Salt is essential for the body to carry out normal physiological functions. But what when this salt concentration increases in the body. If the dog eats food with high salt content, then the dog’s kidneys will be badly affected. 

Because the kidneys are working in the body as a blood filter and maintain an ideal amount of water, salt, and other nutrients in the body. When the dog eats food of high salt content. Then the kidneys have to work hard immediately to remove the extra salt from the body. This can lead to damage to the kidney of the dog. 


The high salt content in the veggie straws can also make your dog dehydrated. Because when the high salt content enters the body, the dog will urinate again and again. This can lead to dehydration in the dog.

Allergies and poisoning 

There are so many flavors of veggie straws in the market like cheese, sweet taste and spicy. In these, the seasoning is used and also the artificial flavors are used. Your dog may have an allergy to the ingredient used in it. If your dog has an allergy to any of the ingredients used in the veggie straws and the dog has eaten the veggies straw, your dog may suffer from severe health issues. 

Stomach issues 

The high fat and high salt content in the veggie straw can also cause stomach issues in the dog. Because when the stomach of the dog receives too much salt and fat content, the stomach cannot handle it, resulting in the dog’s vomiting.

These are the significant problems to the dog if your dog has eaten the veggie straws. And if your find any symptom of illness in your dog after eating veggie straw, just leave everything and rush to the vet’s clinic so that your dog can be treated soon.


Can dogs eat veggie chips?

The veggie chips are not toxic to a dog, but it is not recommended to give them to your dog. Because it is not healthy for the dog. So, it will be best if you avoid giving the veggies chips to the dog.

Are veggie straws bad for dogs?

The veggie straws are not suitable for the dog because they contain fat and salt content. And this high amount of salt and fat can lead to severe health problems in dogs.


After knowing all the nutrients in veggies straws, and their effects on the dog’s health, it is concluded that giving the veggie straws to the dog is never a good idea. You have to keep your dog away from the veggie straws. For this purpose, you have to stop eating the veggie straws in front of your dog. Because if you eat it in front of your dog, your dog will also demand to eat it. 

So, you have to be a wise pet owner and try to keep those things away from your dog, which can harm the dog and are not suitable for the dog’s health.