Can Dogs Eat Spam?

No, the dog cannot eat the spam. Spam is made of empty calories and also contains a high level of carbohydrates, sugar, and salt. This junk mail is made of pork which is not bad for dogs. Moreover, it is processed with a high level of sodium and fat and it does not provide any type of nutritional value to your puppy. 

What is spam?

Spam is the most popular food all over the US and it is used to make meatloaf, sandwiches, and meat pies. Now it has been made the household ingredient since 1970. It is consist of sugar, salt, potato starch, and sodium nitrate. Now we discuss the nutritional values of the products which are found in spam.

Nutritional values of spam

ProductsNutritional values
Sodium790 milligrams 
Trans fat0 grams
Cholesterol40 milligrams
Saturated fat6 grams
Total carbohydrates 1 gram

Effect of a high amount of salt in spam 

A high amount of salt in the spam is very toxic for your puppy. Moreover, there are 79 grams of sodium in one can of spam which is not good for the dog’s health. If your puppy accidentally eats the whole can have spam then it leads to sodium ion poisoning. There are the following effects of salt poisoning. 

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Extreme thirst
  • Loss of appetite 
  • Kidney failure

The amount of sugar in spam is very toxic for a dog’s health 

The second toxic factor which is found in this junk mail is sugar. A high quantity of sugar is not safe for the health of the dog. If dogs consume too much amount of sugar then it leads to plaque, cavities, and tartar buildup in dogs. Bacteria in the mouth of your puppy consume the sugar to form the toxic acid which leads the dental issues in dogs. In addition, if your dog consumes too much sugar then it causes stomach issues and vomiting.

Potato starch does not provide any nutritional value to your dog 

 Potato starch is very toxic if it is taken in high quantities. Now we know about the difference between potato starch and potato. Whole potatoes provide potassium to your dog which helps to maintain the cardiovascular system and well-balanced blood pressure. As compared with potato starch is highly processed and is very toxic for dogs. Moreover, potato is beneficial for dogs but when the skin of the potato removes it left very nutritional value. 

Diseases that occur in a dog due to eating spam 

There is a lot of component in spam that leads to the following health issues in dogs.

  1. Pancreatitis

If your dog consumes a lot amount of spam then it leads to pancreatitis in dogs. It leads to swelling of the pancreas. One of the major factors which cause pancreatitis is fat. Fat is in high amounts in this junk mail. So if your dog consumes a high amount of fat then it leads to obesity.

  1. Dehydration 

A high amount of sodium in spam causes instant dehydration in a dog. This high level of sodium leads to vomiting, diarrhea, sticky saliva, loss of appetite, and reduced energy level. 

Necessary precautions when your dog consumes spam 

In case your puppy consumes this junk mail then consult with the vet. It depends that how much amount of spam your dog eats. It takes a little bit and then became relaxed. But you should keep an eye on the negative effects such as vomiting or diarrhea. 


Spam contains a high amount of sodium and salt which cause many health problems in your dog. Your dog may get many serious problems by eating such junk mail.