Top 10 Aggressive Dog Breeds

Suppose you want to be a pet owner and thinking about owning a dog. You must select the dog breed carefully according to your experience of petting a dog because different species of a dog show other behaviours. Some dogs are excellent natured, some can be lazy, and some dogs are aggressive in nature. Aggression in dogs’ personalities can be possible due to specific conditions, but some dogs are aggressive due to genetics. The genetically aggressive dogs show aggression quickly and usually challenging to handle. You must be very experienced to pet an aggressive dog breed. 

In this article, I have enlisted some aggressive breeds of dogs. But before moving towards the aggressive breeds of dogs, we should know about the aggressive nature of the dogs.

What Do Dogs Do To Aggression?

Human shows their aggression by doing some violent acts, which is not good. But this a way to show charge. Likewise, the dog does some specific actions to show their aggression as follows:

  • Roaring
  • Diving
  • Biting 
  • Barking
  • Alleging at people
  • Snapping 
  • Show teeth
  • Carrying out other violent activities

Why Do Dogs Show Aggression?

If you are petting a dog, then you must sometimes observe the aggressive nature of the dog. This aggressive behaviour of the dog can be due to many reasons as follows:


When your dog is afraid of something, your dog will show aggressive behaviour to hide the fear.  


Dogs are generally possessive about their owners. And when they find any other pet around their owner, they will usually show aggression to turn the owner’s attention towards them.

To Show Dominance 

When you have another dog at home, your dogs will show aggressive behaviour show dominance over another dog. 


When your dog is angry or irritated about something, you will show odd or aggressive behaviour.


Dogs have different natures, some dogs become lazy, and some dogs show aggressive behaviour when feeling sick. 

Due to these reasons, your dog can show aggressive behaviour. So, when your dog is showing aggressive behaviour, you should know that your dog is having one of these problems.

Top 10 Aggressive Dog Breeds 


The Pitbull dog is naturally aggressive. This breed of dog has several qualities that make them an aggressive but active, sharp and obedient pet. The Pitbull dog can hunt the animal and grasp it until the owner arrived. 

The Pitbull dogs have an excellent fighting ability, and they are unbeatable in case of a clash. These are so aggressive that you can’t keep any other pet at home when you have the Pitbull at home. The breed of Pitbull was bred to be at alphas. So, they show this leading and aggressive behaviour because it is in their genetics. 

But if the Pitbull is trained perfectly, the Pitbull dog will know its boundaries and know where to show and show aggression. Some professional trainers must prepare the Pitbull. 

When talking about the human and Pitbull relationship, The Pitbull dog is possessive about their owner, and they show aggressive behaviour when they find any other animal around their owner. So, to own a Pitbull dog must be an experienced pet owner who knows how to deal with a Pitbull. They love so much that you have often heard that the pitbull has put his own life in danger to protect his owner.

So from this, we come to know that if an expert trainer perfectly trains the Pitbull, the Pitbull are excellent pets contrary to their rude and aggressive image.


The Rottweiler is a very muscular and robust looking dog. They are thought to be very dangerous, even fatal, for other animals and humans. But they are not such bad. Yes, Rottweilers are aggressive dogs, but they are intelligent and loyal too. The Rottweiler dogs know how to respond according to the situation. They can read the problem and decide how to respond.

The Rottweiler likes to dominate other dogs. So they can show aggressive behaviour with other dogs. But as it is famous about dogs that the dogs are the most loyal animal, the Rottweilers are very obedient to their owners following that trait. And they enjoy spending joyful time with their owner.

So, with proper training, the Rottweiler is a brilliant and obedient pet. Some Rottweiler dogs are known as service dogs due to their nature to helping and friendly behaviour toward humans.


The name tells us that this breed is the hybrid of a dog and a wolf. So, the wolf hybrid will have a perfect hunting capability. So, it will never be preferred to have any other pet at home while having the wolf hybrid dig at home.

German Shepherd

The German Shephard dogs are sometimes known as the guard dogs due to their natural abilities and aggressiveness. These German Shephard dogs are very defensive about their human friends. So, this protectiveness, aggressiveness and intelligence make them excellent and active guard dogs.

The German Shephard has a very sharp ability to feel the threat and distinguish between the familiar and strangers. But intelligently, the German Shephard will not attack every stranger, but they can sense the danger. So whom they feel dangerous, they will attack that person.

It would be best if you never left your dog alone in the home because the German Shephard likes to play or do exercise. When you leave them alone in the house, the German Shephard will destroy the thing present at the home because the dog will feel irritated and aggressive due to loneliness.

If you train the German Shephard at a young age, you can peacefully spend life with your dog.

American Staffordshire Terrier

This American Staffordshire Terries is also a muscular type of dog. This breed of dog is also known as the Amstaff. They are very active dogs. As masculine dogs so, they need regular exercise to keep their muscles toned. So, to own an Amstaff, you must have a garden where the dog can do some activity.

The Amstaff are aggressive dogs, but fortunately, they are not aggressive toward humans. These dogs show their aggression towards other pets. So, due to the nature of the American Staffordshire Terrier, you can’t have any other pet in you have the Amstaff at home. The American Staffordshire Terrier doesn’t like to get neglected; they will show aggressive behaviour when the owner ignores them. 

American Bulldog

The American Bulldogs are also aggressive dogs, but they are safe for humans, as they do not attack humans. But what makes people think that they are dangerous is their scary bark. As they are the fighting breed of dogs, they have the look and barking style that makes them look rugged and robust for other animals. The American bulldog will only bark at the stranger, but he will not attack the stranger. And due to his barking, people badly afraid of this breed of dog.


Huskies are not naturally aggressive, but they can attack when they are triggered. The Huskies were reared to pull the sledges on the snow. So this makes them genetically energetic. And if you will pet a husky, then the Husky will surely need to exercise to use their energy in some constructive activity.

The huskies love to hunt small prey like the squirrels. If your husky will see any small animals, then Husky can follow that prey to chase it. So it would be best if you always made a fence to protect your husky to go far from home. The huskies are adorable with humans, and they are also very generous towards children.

Cane Corso

The Cane Corso is sometimes called the police dogs as they have aggressive nature plus aggressive looks. So, they are also visually dangerous. These are highly aggressive dogs and eagerly need an experienced trainer who will know everything about them and know how to deal with them.


The boxers are the lean and the energetic dogs. And the boxers are categorized as one of the most aggressive dog breeds.  The reason behind this breed of dog was hunting. So, these dogs are the hunting dogs. 

When show aggression can be dangerous, the boxer must be kept in exercise or some other activities. 

Chow Chow

The chow chow dogs are also very aggressive. Chow Chow does not like the strangers, and they are very defensive about their owners. They will attack anyone they feel harmful to their owner. So the Chow Chow needs excellent training by the expert and attention of the owner.


I’ve mentioned many dog breeds with aggressive nature, but you must understand that the dog’s aggressive behaviour is always due to some reasons. Suppose they are given proper training and provide enough time to spend with them. In that case, many of these breeds will prove peaceful and obedient dogs. 

As we have noticed, the dog mostly shows aggressions to protect the owner or possessiveness about the owner. So if you will give them enough attention, they will happily live with you.