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Dog Weight Gain Supplement

Maintained body weight is significant for the healthy and active physiology of dogs. But if the dog’s weight will be less or more than the ideal weight, there will be too many health issues in the dog’s body. In case of decreased bodyweight of the dog, it will be dangerous for the dog as it can make your dog week and damage the dog’s immunity. 

But there is no need to get panic if your dog is underweight. There are many dog weight gain supplements available in the market that can help you gain weight and reach an ideal weight. 

Symptoms To Know If Your Dog Is Underweight?

First, you have to know that how can you observe that your dog is losing weight. You can watch the weight loss in your dog by following symptoms:

  • The ribs, hips and shoulder bones are visible.
  • The energy level will be low.
  • The skin coat of the dog will become less shiny.
  • The dog will feel depressed.
  • Bad habits of eating 
  • Loss of appetite 
  • Less physical activity
  • Feel tired after mild activity
  • Sickness 

Best dog weight gain supplements for your dog 

If your dog is suffering from a weight loss problem, you should give some food to help the dog gain weight. The supplements that can help your dog to gain weight are as follows:

Bully Max High-Performance Super Dog Food

Bully Max high-performance super Dog food is considered best for underweight dogs. Because this dog food in proteins and contains the nutrients that are very important for the dog’s health.

This Bull Max High-Performance Super Dog Food is entirely meat-based. But still, you should consult the vet before giving the weight gaining food to the dog.

NATURE’S LOGIC Dog Food Canine Meal Feast

Nature’s logic dog food canine meal feast provides 551 calories to the dog per cup. So, this number of calories in this dog food make it suitable for the dog to gain weight. 

This dog food contains the probiotics and enzymes to regulate the excellent physiology of dogs, and there are multiple proteins present in the Nature’s Logic Dog Food Canine Meal Feast.  So this food can be thought of as the best food for underweight dogs.

Dyne High-Calorie Liquid for Dogs

The Dyne-calorie liquid for dogs is considered the best liquid food to provide to the dog if your dog is underweight. It is excellent to make your dog gain weight because it allows for a high number of calories and other essential nutrients for the dog’s health. 

This liquid dog food provided can be given to the dog in pure form, or you can also give it to the dog by mixing it in the water.

This liquid dog food also provides quick energy and a shiny coat to the dog, and this liquid food is also considered suitable for pregnant or nursing dogs.

Nutri-Cal High-Calorie Dog Dietary Supplement

This food is also very good for the dog if your dog is underweight. This food contains amino acids, vitamins and minerals, and so many other nutrients that can play a central role in maintaining the excellent health of the dog.

Miracle Vet High-Calorie Weight Gainer for Dogs

This food is also helpful for the dog to gain weight get healthy. The Miracle Vet high-calorie weight gainer food contains good fats and high-quality proteins; there are also many nutrients such as vitamins and minerals present in this dog food. The Miracle Vet High-Calorie Weight Gainer includes a considerable amount of vitamin A, so this food will play a vital role in maintaining the dog’s good eyesight.

Generally, this food item is suitable for every dog, but sometimes this food does not suit the dog below 4 weeks. So, you should give this food to the dog only when it is prescribed by the vet.

Formula Mass Weight Gainer for Dogs

This weight gainer food is famous among all pet owners. Because the MVP K9 Formula Mass Weight Gainer for dogs promotes the growth of muscles, does not contain the fillers and slats, and gives the guaranteed weight gain to the dog.

In every scoop of this weight gain supplement, there are 56% fat and 26% protein. So, there is too many calories and nutrients present in this food that work altogether and make your dog gain weight and regulate the healthy physiology of dogs. This food also makes the dog’s coat healthy and shiny. 

Purina Pro Plan SPORT Performance Dog Food

This dog food is also considered one of the popular foods for making dogs gain weight. The reason behind its popularity could be its benefits and also its affordability.

This food is made with chicken, and it contains 30% proteins. The remaining fats, vitamins, amino acids, and other nutrients nourish your dog entirely and make your dog feel active and healthy.

Bully Max Dog Weight Gainer

The Bully Max Dog Weight Gainer is also an excellent option to pick if your dog is suffering from a weight loss problem. You can give it to the dog; this is beneficial for the dog and very affordable. 

This Bull Max Dog Weight Gainer is a complete pack of nutrients for your dog as it contains the multivitamin, minerals, proteins and fats in it. So, it helps the dog to gain weight and also allows the dog to build muscle. This food provides 535 calories per serving, and meat is the only source of protein in this product. This weight gainer food is perfectly good for the dog, as it is healthy and cheap, as you can afford it easily.

Buddy & Lola – Weight Gainer

The weight gainer food by Buddy and Lola is also very good for the dog. The formula of this weight gainer food contains 29% proteins, 43% of the other nutritional fats and 18 amino acids. All of the ingredients used in this food are the energy booster and boost the dog’s muscular health.

This weight gainer is perfect for all breeds of dogs and all ages of dogs. So, if your dog is undernourished or underweight, then you can easily pick this food for your dog.


What can I give my dog to gain weight?

The pumpkin and potatoes are considered suitable for the dog if the dog is suffering from an underweight problem. These vegetables contain high proteins, carbohydrates, and other nutrients that are beneficial for the dog to gain weight.

How to know that my dog is underweight?

You can point out that your dog is underweight by following symptoms:

  • Visible ribs and hip bone
  • Lethargy in dogs
  • Sickness 
  • Less physical activity 


If your dog is underweight or skinny, you should take your dog to the vet to know the reason behind the dog’s weight loss. By doing this, you will know that your dog has a nutritional deficiency or is suffering from any medical issue.In this article, many dog weight gain supplements are mentioned. All of these weight gainers can help your dog to be healthy and gain weight. But before picking the weight gainer for your dog, you must talk to the vet because very dog has a different physiology, and it’s entirely possible that the food you pick for your dog is not suitable for your dog’s physiology.