My Dog Has Crusty Scab on His Back

Holidays are fun days with your pet. You are spending time playing with your dog, and you find crusty scabs on the back of your dog. It is very worrying for a dog owner, specifically when the pet owner doesn’t know much about its skin condition. 

So, in this article, you will know about the crusty scabs on the back of the dog, cause of this crusty scab on the dog’s skin, and how this condition can be treated.

What are crusty scabs on the dog’s skin?

The presence of crusty scabs on a dog’s skin is the skin problem in which the patches are on the dog’s skin. These patches are generally red in color, and skin is swollen from the infected area, and the crusty scabs contain puss, which can give a foul odor. 

Some dogs feel itchiness on the skin due to the crusty scabs, but some dogs never itch at all. If your dog has a crusty scab on the skin, your dog will not allow touching on the skin. 

How to know if the dog has crusty scabs on His Back

Commonly the pet owner rubs hands on the back of the dog. And if you find any complex or strange texture of a dog’s skin, you will come to know that you are having any skin problem like crusty scabs. To confirm it, you have to get the hairs back to see the skin clear, and if your find redness, swelling, and puss in the skin, you are suffering from the crusty scab skin problem. 

Other symptoms of crusty scab on dog’s skin

You can spot the crusty scabs on the skin of the dog by following symptoms:

  • Lesions
  • Bald patches
  • Discoloration
  • Redness
  • Inflammation
  • Flakiness
  • Dryness
  • Rashes
  • Swelling

By these symptoms, you can find crusty scabs on the skin of the dog. 

Reasons for crusty scabs on the back of the dog

The presence of crusty scabs on the back of the dog can be caused due to many reasons such as allergies, bacterial infections, fungal infections, hormonal disturbance, and many more. Some of the significant reasons for crusty scabs on the dog’s skin are as follows:


Allergies are one of the common reasons for the crusty scab on the skin of the dog. Like humans, dogs also have some allergies. 

  • These allergies could be environmental as the pollen of the flowers can cause skin infection in the dog. 
  • The dog can also be allergic to the chemicals like detergents you use in the home. 
  • Some dogs have an allergy to some specific food.

So, whenever your dog comes in contact with the things the dog is allergic to, your dog can have this crusty scabs on the skin.

Bacterial infections

Bacterial infection can also be a significant cause of crusty scabs on the skin. These bacterial infections will happen when the dog continuously scratch the body. The upper layer will break, and the lower layer of the dog’s skin will be exposed. This lower layer of skin is more likely to get attacked by the bacteria. 

So, the bacteria attack the skin a cause a condition called folliculitis. In this condition, the skin becomes red swollen, and scabs appear on the skin.

Fungal infections

The dogs are also susceptible to fungal infection. A skin infection caused by a fungus can irritate skin, redness and scaly skin, hair loss from that infected area of the skin. This fungal infection is known as ringworm. The name given to infection is due to the specific ring-shaped patch on the skin due to the infection.


If your dog has a skin infection, then your dog may have a parasitic attack on the skin. You must have to check if your dog is having any parasite on the skin or not. Ticks, fleas, or mites can probably attack your dog. 

  • If your dog has fleas in the hair, your dog will compulsively lick and scrape the skin. This obsessive scratching and licking will result in damage to the skin of the dog. The fleas suck the blood from the body. And if your dog has fleas in the hair, there will blood loss of the dog.
  • Ticks are can also be the parasite on the skin of the dog. These ticks firmly stick to the skin of the dog. If you find that your dog has ticks on the skin, you should remove these ticks by hand or tweezers. If you can’t do this, there are several gadgets in the market to remove ticks. The ticks are stuck to the skin so firmly that sometimes the tick’s head remains attached to the skin while the other body is removed. If the head of the ticks remains attached to the skin, it can lead to severe infection. So, make sure that you are eliminating ticks.
  • The mite can also cause skin infection in a dog. If the dog has mite on the skin, the dog will feel itchiness on the skin. If the skin infection due to mite gets severe, the dog’s hair will be removed, and a crusty scab will cover the skin.

These parasites can cause the skin problem to the dog because these parasites stick to the dog’s skin and are harmful to the skin of the dog, and affect

Hormonal disturbance

The hormonal balance is essential for good health and also for good skin. If your dog has a crusty scab on the back or neck, there could be a disturbance in the dog’s hormones.

Nutritional deficiency

If you find skin problems on your dog’s skin, you should ensure that your dog receives all the necessary nutrients. Because if your dog is not getting all the essential nutrients, you can have crusty scabs on the skin, Because the dog is not getting enough nutrients necessary for healthy skin. So, it would be best to take your dog to the vet to give a proper checkup to the dog.

Weak immunity 

The weak immunity of the dog can also lead to skin infections. Because your dog has weak immunity, your dog can’t fight against the bacteria or other microorganisms in the environment. To strengthen the immune system of the dog, you should provide healthy food to the dog. It will help your dog to fight against many germ and diseases.  

How to treat the crusty scab on the skin of a dog?

There are many ointments and gels available in the market to treat the skin problems of the dog. But it would be best if you did not use those ointments on your own because all of the lotions are not safe for the dogs as we know that the dog is used to lick their skin. And the ointment can be harmful to the dog engulf.

You should clean the skin of the dog but do not remove the scab from the skin. And then take your dog to the vet so that the vet can properly treat the dog. 

How to prevent the dog from the crusty scab skin problem?

  • The only way to prevent your dog from crusty scab skin problems is to keep your dog clean. 
  • Bath your dog regularly.
  • Brush the hair of your dog regularly.
  • Give high nutritional food to the dog.
  • Keep the dog at home.
  • Keep things away from the dog he is allergic to.

These precautions will help you to prevent your dog from several skin problems.


Why my dog has scabs on his back?

The dog can have scabs on the skin for too many reasons like allergy to something, nutritional deficiency, hormonal disturbance, or bacterial or fungal infections. These reasons can cause skin problems for the dog.

Should I apply Vaseline on my dog’s scabs?

Yes, you can apply Vaseline on the scabs of your dog. It is safe for a dog’s skin and can give a soothing effect, but it is not adequate to treat the scabs of the dog.

How should I treat crusty scabs on my dog?

You can apply coconut oil to the scab of the dog. And it would help if you kept the infected area moisturized. And take your dog to vet as soon as possible so that your dog can have a proper checkup.


The presence of crusty scabs on the dog’s skin is a skin infection in which the skin becomes red and swollen, and a scab appears on the dog’s skin. If you find this condition on your dog’s skin, you should take your dog to the vet to find the primary reason behind this condition. 

To prevent your dog from this kind of skin problem, you should keep your dog clean and brush the dog’s hair. And give high nutritional food to the dog. Being a responsible pet owner, you should always be very conscious about the dog’s health. And when you find something wrong with your dog, you should immediately approach the vet to know the reason and solution to the problem.