Can Dogs Eat Beans?

The dog owners are always concerned about their dog’s health. And being a wise dog owner, you must always confirm that is the food you are going to provide is safe for dogs. These days the dog owners ask a question that, can dogs eat beans? Yes, the dogs can safely eat beans. The beans are a very healthy snack for dogs. Because the beans are highly nutritious can provide health benefits to the dogs.

What Are Beans?

The beans are the highly nutritious seed of the plants that belong to the Fabaceae family of plants. The beans are used all around the world. These are used in different ways, such as salads, diverse traditional cuisines, and snacks. These can also be cooked in different ways, such as by boiling, baking and frying. 

Nutritional Value Of Beans

The beans are richly filled with nutrients. There is a low-fat value in beans. The number of calories present in the 100 grams of beans is 347. Other essential nutrients present in the 100 grams of beans are as follows:

Nutrients Value in grams %age daily value
Total fat 1.2 grams 1%
Cholesterol 0 mg 0%
Sodium 12 mg 0%
Potassium 1,393 mg 39%
Dietray  fibers 16 grams 64%
Sugar 2.1 gram 
Proteins 21 grams 42 %
Vitamin C 10%
Iron 28%
Calcium 11%
Vitamin D0%
Vitamin B-6 25%
Cobalamin 0%
Magnesium 44%

Are Beans Safe For Dogs To Eat?

Yes, the bens are safe for the dogs. These are not only safe and tasty for the dog and can provide several health benefits due to their rich nutritional value.  But not every kind of bean is safe for the dog. There are some kinds of beans that are not good for the dog’s health. So, you have to intelligently pick the bean to give your dog to eat that is safe for your dog.

Beans That Are Safe For The Dogs

The beans that are safe for the dogs to eat are:

  • Kidney beans
  • Black beans
  • Butter beans, or lima beans
  • Green beans, or string beans
  • Chickpeas
  • Pinto beans
  • Lentils

The beans mentioned above are safe and healthy for dogs. You can give these beans to your dog if you want to add a valuable item to your dog’s diet.

Health Benefits Of Beans To Dogs

The beans are rich in nutrients such as proteins, minerals and vitamins. These nutrients provide several benefits to the dog and maintain the good health of the dog. The main health benefits offered to the dog by eating the beans are as follows:


The beans are a rich source of proteins. If you add the beans to your dog’s diet, you provide a considerable amount of protein to your dog. This protein is essential for the muscular strength of the dog. The protein present in the beans is also beneficial to improve the skin health of the dog. 

Vitamin C 

Vitamin C is also present in the beans. We all know the importance of vitamin C in the improvement of the immune system. The vitamin plays a central role in the strengthening of the immune system. So, if you are providing beans to your dog, you are making the dog’s immune system. If the dog’s immune system is a dog, your dog will be active and protected from germs and diseases.

Dietary Fibres

The beans are also very rich in dietary fibres. And dietary fibres are suitable for digestive health. The dietary fiber also acts as an insulator of sugar as it slows down the absorption of sugar in the body. 

The dietary fibers also act as stomach fillers. As when your dog eats beans, the dog will feel its stomach filed up. It takes a bit more time to digest the dietary fibers. And your dog will not feel hungry again and again. So, this way will protect your dog from gaining weight by preventing your dog from overeating.


Iron is a mineral that is involved in the formation of red blood cells. If there will be a loss of iron in the body, there will be less production of the red blood cells in the dog’s body. And if the red blood cells will be less in the body than the ideal number, your dog will feel lazy and lethargic. It will further lead to many other diseases.

The beans contain iron, so if you provide the beans to your dog, you are providing your dog with enough iron necessary to form red blood cells in the body.

Potassium And Sodium 

Potassium and sodium are the minerals that play a significant role in the formation of nerve impulses. So, if these ions are present in the body in enough amount, your dog will have a helathy7 nervous system. If your dog’s nervous system is healthy, then your dog will be more active.


Calcium is also one of the primary nutrients in beans. Calcium plays a very significant role in the strengthening of bones. It also maintains good health of teeth. Calcium is also essential for muscular movement and the excellent health of the heart.

Serving Tips Of Beans To Dogs

The beans are used in many different ways all around the world. You can give the beans to the dog as follows:

  • Soak the beans overnight. 
  • Cook it by boiling process.
  • Cook it plain. 
  • Serve it plain to the dog.

Warnings About Beans To Dogs

The bean is eaten in different forms all around the world. But it is always best that you give the boiled beans to the dog. You must keep the following points in your mind while you provide beans to your dog:

  • Do not give the r5aw beans to the dog.
  • You should avoid giving the canned beans to the dog. Because the sodium level is very high in the canned beans. As the sodium issued to preserve the food for a long time. 
  • Do not give the fried beans to the dog. Because by frying process, there will be the increased fat content in it. And if you will provide these fried beans to the dog, your dog can feel the stomach upset, and if eaten regularly, it can make your dog gain weight. 
  • You should also avoid giving the baked beans to the dog. Because the baked beans contain a high sugar level and spices. These can harm the health of the dog badly.


What beans are not suitable for dogs?

Fava beans are not healthy for the dog. These beans can cause stomach upset and vomiting in the dog. The baked and fried beans are also not good for the dog’s health.

Can dogs eat canned beans?

The canned beans are not toxic to dogs, but these should be avoided to give to the dog. Because the sodium level is very high in the canned beans. And this high slat content is hazardous for the dog’s health. 

Will beans hurt the dog?

The beans are perfectly safe for the dog’s health. Providing the beans to the dog affects the effects of beans on the dog’s health. The best way to give beams to the dog is to give the cooked beans by boiling process. You should not give the dried, baked or fried beans to the dog.


Above I’ve mentioned some of the nutritional value and the health benefits of the beans to the dog. After knowing all those health benefits of beans to the dog, you must add the bean to the dog food. But you should not give the dried, fried, baked and canned beans to the dog. Because these can cause health issues to the dog.

Being an intelligent dog owner, you must ask your vet first before giving beans to the dog. The vet will explain all the benefits and warnings about the beans for your dog.

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