Can Dogs Drink Lemon Water?

On a hot sunny day, lemon water act as a refreshing drink for you. It will give you instant energy. But what about your dog? Can dogs drink lemon water? The answer is yes; the dog can drink the lemon water. But you have to be very conscious about the amount of lemon added to the water. 

What is Lemon Water?

The lemon water is a refreshing drink made by adding lemon juice to the water. Some people add then sugar or honey to make it sweet. It is a very energizing drink to make you feel active. The amount of lemon juice added to the lemon water depends on the taste you like. 

Nutritional Value of Lemon Water

The lemon water contains the nutrients such as minerals and vitamins. This is a refreshing low-calorie drink. As in the lemon water in which 48 grams of lemon is squeezed contain 10.6 calories. Other nutrients present in the lemon water are as follows:

  • Vitamin C: 18.6 mg, 21% DV
  • Folate: 9.6 micrograms, 2% DV
  • Potassium: 49.4 mg, 1% DV
  • Vitamin B-2: 0.01 mg, 1% DV 
  • Vitamin B-1: 0.01 mg, 1% DV 
  • Vitamin B-5: 0.06 mg, 1% DV

Adding sugar or honey to the water will add more carbohydrates and provide a sweet taste. Some people also add the mint in the lemon water to give this drink a more refreshing taste.

Is Lemon Water Safe For The Dogs?

Most of the dogs don’t like the taste of the lemon as the lemon is highly citrus in flavor. But some dogs do like the lemon taste. Lemon water is safe for dogs in moderation. And the lemon water prepared for the dogs must contain a low amount of lemon juice. Because the sharp taste of the lemon is not liked by the dogs.

Benefits of Lemon Water

Lemon water can provide health benefits to the dog. Because the minerals, vitamins, and other plant compounds present in the lemon make it able to provide nutritional benefits to the dog. The health benefits offered to the dog by drinking the lemon water are as follows:


The lemon contains the antitoxin property. If you provide your dog with lemon water, the toxins present in the dog’s body will be excreted out. And when the poison is released from the body, your dog will feel active and healthier. 

Immunity booster  

The lemon contains a high amount of vitamin C. We all know the importance of vitamin C to improve the body’s immunity. So, if you give the lemon water to the dog, your dog will get stronger by the exemption. And if the immunity of the dog will be strong, your dog will be protected against many diseases and germs.

Low-calorie Drink 

The calorie count of the lemon water is meager. So if you give your dog the lemon water, then there will be no risk of gaining weight of the dog.

Refreshing drink 

As we have discussed earlier, most of the dogs do not like the taste of the lemon. But if you drink lemon water in front of the dog, it is natural that your dog will demand the drink from you. And if you share the lemon water with your dog in small amounts, it will be a refreshing drink for your dog on a hot sunny day. 

Warning About The Lemon and Lemon Water to Dogs

The lemon water is good for the dog to drink in a small amount. But there is some point of concern about the lemon and lemon water as follow:

Stomach acidity 

The lemon juice is acidic in nature. And if you give leamon water containing too much lemon juice, it can disturb the stomach environment of the dog. The stomach’s acidity will increase, and your dog will feel uncomfortable due to this acidity in the stomach.

Throat irritation 

The lemon is highly citrus, and the throat of the dog is sensitive to citrus foods. So, if you give the lemon drink containing too much lemon juice. It can cause irritation in the throat of the dog.

Sweetened lemon water

It will be difficult for you and your dog to drink the lemon water without sugar. It will give an unpleasant taste. So, you will add the sugar to the lemon water. But this sugar is not suitable for the health of the dog. And specifically, if you add artificial sugar like xylitol to the lemon water. It will be terrible for the dog’s health.


Is lemon water okay for dogs?

Yes, the dog can drink the lemon water but in moderation. Because the lemon water does not have too many nutrients in it to give it necessarily to the dog. So, the dog can drink a low amount of lemon water as a refreshing drink but not for nutritional purposes. 

What will happen if the dog licks the lemon?

If your dog has once licked the lemon, it will not cause any harm to the dog’s health. But if you have taken in too much lemon juice, it can cause health issues to the dog, precisely skin problems like dermatitis, skin irritation, and rashes.

Can lemon hurt a dog?

The lemon can hurt the dog because it contains citric acid, and this acidic nature of the lemon can cause some health problems like diarrhea, stomach upset, and vomiting. 

What Can dogs drink besides water?

The dog can also drink the fruit juice because the fruit juices are rich in nutrients and also helps to keep your dog hydrated. But you have to pick the fruits intelligently, which fruit is safe and which is dangerous for dogs. And provide the juice of safe fruits to the dogs.


Lemon water is a refreshing drink for humans. As we have discussed above, it does not provide too many health benefits to the dog. And if it is taken in a high amount, it can cause some health problems to the dog. But if your dog demands the lemon water from you because you drink it in front of your dog. Then you can share a low amount of lemon water with your dog.

Being a wise and responsible dog owner, you should consult the vet about giving the lemon water or any other food item containing the lemon juice to the dog. Because the vet will make you aware of the positive and negative effects of lemon on your dog according to your dog’s breed, age, and physiology.